Get Some Money


Put-in-Bay has one bank, numerous ATMs and banking offices in the surrounding Lake Erie area. Visitors can easily find ways to get funds for their exciting adventure. There is no worry of running short on funds during your visit to Put-in-Bay and the Lake Erie Islands. This resource will be vital in finding the bank or ATM of your liking.

Near the Put-in-Bay Resort, on 180 Erie Street is First National Bank. Established in 1875, this is an independent bank that is an active member of the community. Their employees work and reside locally, and volunteer to improve Put-in-Bay and the other communities they conduct business in. This includes coaching on sports teams and donating to chartiable causes. They have other branches in the Northern Ohio area, including a Port Clinon, Ohio office near the Jet-Express. The Put-in-Bay branch is the only bank on South Bass Island. From mid May through September the bank is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 a.m - 2:30 p.m. There is a full-service banking and an ATM at this location. Additionally, there is a First National Bank ATM in DeRivera Park.

ATMs can be found throughout Put-in-Bay. At Edgewater Hotel, next to Mr. Ed's Bar and Grill, is an ATM Operated by The National Bank of Oak Harbor in the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay. Various banks have their own ATMs as well. Huntington National Bank ATM's can be found at Harbor Village,the Boathouse Bar and Grill, the Put-in-Bay gas station and Pasquale's Cafe.

At the Put-in-Bay Brewing Co. there is a Citizens Banking ATM. The Old Fort Banking Co has an ATM at The Wharfside near the Boardwalk Restaurant. There are two cash dispensing machines for the National Bank of Oak Harbor on Put-in-Bay. No matter where you are at on Put-in-Bay you will find an ATM near you. The mentioned banks also have banking facilities in the Port Clinton area.

Put-in-Bay banking and ATMs are conveniently located to best suit your needs. You will not have to search far in order to take care of your financial dealings. Nearly all businesses on Put-in-Bay accept debit cards, so if you would prefer to go cashless, this is certainly an option. Also, credit cards can be used at ATMs and at the vast majority of Put-in-Bay Restaurants, Shops and Attractions. No matter your method of payment, you'll get great value and enjoyment on your Put-in-Bay and Lake Erie excursion.


Random Fact: Both ferryboat lines can be reached from Cedar Point in about 20-30 minutes.