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The Black Swamp Conservancy Guarding the Land for future generations

The Black Swamp Conservancy- Serving Nature

The Black Swamp Conservancy Put-in-Bay, a land trust, and Put-in-Bay Community Group is a regional, non-profit organization established to directly support the conservation of land and water resources in northwest Ohio and Put-in-Bay. Their supporters are people who want to preserve the integrity of their communities as they continue to grow. Good community planning to protect agricultural areas, scenic views, and native habitats native habitats will help to enhance the quality of living today and forever. Put-in-Bay Black Swamp Conservancy is one of over 1,500 land trusts across the United States dedicated to conserving land through private action. They engage in no zoning or regulatory matters, nor do we lobby for political reasons. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all gifts and donations to the Conservancy are tax-deductible.

P.O. Box 332, Perrysburg, OH, 43552-0332, USA

Random Fact: There are about 480 full time residents on the Island.