Put-in-Bay Calendar of Events 2022

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Whiskey Light At The Round House Bar

The annual tradition of the Roundhouse Bar Whiskey Light celebration will take place at the Roundhouse Bar located downtown Put-in-Bay. This celebrated tradition makes the start of the Put-in-Bay Vacation season. The Roundhouse Bar Whisky Light party will feature local Put-in-Bay Entertainment favorites and is a great way to kick off the season.

The Put-in-Bay Resort & the Bay Lodging Resort will be offering discounted room rates for the weekend events. To book call the central reservation center at 888-742-7829.

Whiskey Light History

The ‘Whiskey’ light, hangs over the entrance of the Roundhouse Bar and is known as one of the symbolic treasures of Put-in-Bay. When the Whiskey light is lit at the start of the season it is the signal to boaters, tourists, and locals that the new season has started! Operating over 140 years the Roundhouse Bar Put-in-Bay is a Put-in-Bay Landmark. The light goes live at 2 PM and celebrated with local bands and musicians performing all afternoon.