Put-in-Bay Island Diary January 2019

Tues., Jan. 1st – When midnight strikes this Diary January 2019, the piano man John Salamon who is playing for the New Year’s celebration at the Reel Bar begins his 40th year entertaining at Put-in-Bay.

Wed., Jan. 2nd – There’s a conference call between Village officials and the State Auditors in regards to the 2017 audit. Lisa Brohl spots white-tailed deer tracks at the lake at the Scheeff East Point Preserve. The Caterpillar C-18 engines for Miller Boat Line’s new M/V Mary Ann Market arrive at the shipyard in Wisconsin where she is being built. The three engines have over 2400 horsepower between them! Weather station SBIO1 at the South Bass Island Lighthouse ceases transmitting. Although parts of the U.S. Government are closed, the information this site provides is necessary to protect life and property and it will be updated and maintained during the Federal Government shutdown.

Thurs., Jan. 3rd – The ferry is still running. Mark Mathys & Family owners of several Put-in-Bay Hotels and Put-in-Bay Golf Carts are in Costa Rica preparing for the annual international Billfish Tournaments.

Fri., Jan. 4th – It’s a nice sunny day in the island area.

Sat., Jan. 5th – At the Port Authority meeting there’s a discussion regarding adding a second 14,000-person concert the Friday of Labor Day
weekend. The board members voted unanimously not to keep the airport open for a second concert. Billy Market is promoting a “Let’s Get Winter Going Party” on the waterfront between the Boardwalk and the Village’s A-Dock with a sacrificial pig, beer, hotdogs, chili, hot chocolate, and fireworks. Burning pig, fireworks and lit Monument, plus relatively mild temperature make for a fun, island gathering.
Those attending were asked to bring a non-perishable food item for the food pantry at St. Paul’s.

Sun., Jan. 6th – Mother Mary Staley posts a thank you to everyone who brought a donation for the food pantry to the Ullr fest the night before. St. Paul’s chalking the doors, including the ice ramp, is all over the island on Epiphany.

Mon., Jan. 7th – Billy Markets lets everyone know Put-in-Bay Ferry Service is about to end for the winter and that’s not so good of news for January 2019. Put-in-Bay teacher Katie Schneider hitches a boat ride to work with Marty Harayda from Middle Bass in the morning.

Tues., Jan 8th – Several islanders report hearing a huge bang. It’s from a thunder and lightning storm accompanied by hail that comes
through the islands. The last ferry of the season runs. We hope you got your mainland car off the island. There are no fireworks when the ferry comes into the Bay to be put away for the winter.

Wed., Jan. 9th – Miller Ferry officially suspends service until further notice due to incoming winter weather conditions. Rob Hard begins
serving breakfast for winter at the Black Squirrel. The Put-in-Bay Village Council meets at its first regular meeting of the new year with Jessica Dress, the Council President, residing. The payment was approved for a lighting system for the Police Department’s two new golf carts in the amount of $5,000. Also approved is the hiring of Michael Russo as a full -time police officer with the Corporal rank at $42,000 per year.

Thurs., Jan. 10th – The temperature in the island area never gets above the freezing mark. If you are expecting a package sent by something
other than through the U. S. mail, you’ll be going to the Put-in-Bay Airport to pick it up for the foreseeable future. Mark Wilhelm will be there again this winter Monday through Friday from noon to 4 p.m. to hand out packages.

Fri., Jan. 11th – Conor Blumensaadt turns 30. There’s still open water, even in the Bay.

Sat., Jan. 12th – There’s new light snow. The Put-in-Bay Lady Panther basketball team defeats the Lake Hawks from Marion, Ohio, by a score of 41 to 14. The island team now has a 9-0 record. The island gents on the varsity and junior high teams don’t fare so well and lose their games, 60-13 and 40-35 respectively.

Sun., Jan. 13th – There’s snow on the ground, but the top of the grass can still be seen. Islanders learn of the passing of island icon Louis Heineman.

Mon., Jan. 14th – The Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce is held after lunch at the Town Hall. It’s been ten days now since Billy Market and his helpers sacrificed a pig to the ice god Ullr, but he’s taking his time bringing ice to the islands. The harbor at Put-in-Bay is completely ice-free.

Wed., Jan. 16th – With no flights operating in the morning, the bank is unable to open. Due to winter weather approaching, the decision is announced to cancel Put-in-Bay School basketball games for the coming weekend.

Thurs., Jan 17th – There’s no sign of ice in the lake around the islands. It’s Put-in-Bay night at the Progressive Boat Show in Cleveland. Entertaining are Pat Shepard, Ray Fogg, and Westside Steve. Back on the island, it’s Movie & Popcorn Night at the library.

Fri., Jan. 18th – Mother Mary Staley finds ATV tracks going through the front yard of St. Paul’s after hearing loud engines during the night.

Sat., Jan. 19th – There’s plenty of snow to go around as Winter Storm Harper (named after young islander Harper Scarpelli). The gale winds
have the snow blowing horizontally from the north and northeast. This kind of storm is really unusual for January. Put-in-Bay Twp. asks that islanders avoid Route 357 from Portsmouth to the Crew’s Nest and by the Perry Victory & International Peace Memorial Monument heading to East Point. The Twp. crew, Jack Wertenbach, Patrick Myers and Tom Seaberg, is out snow plowing the roads.

Sun., Jan. 20th – The storm is over. There’s ice in the lake and bay. It’s sunny and bright. Billy Market is busy driving around island and making videos to post on Facebook. Mother Mary discovers the St. Paul’s house propane tank is out of gas. Also at St. Paul’s, their Service of Holy Communion and Annual Meeting and potluck are postponed until late afternoon. The main course at the potluck is Chicken Marsala! The night sky is perfect for viewing the Super Blood Wolf Moon.

Mon, Jan. 21st – Travis Kowalski, Matt McGookey and Aaron “Vern” Schroeder venture onto the ice off the West Shore to test how thick
it is.

Tues., Jan. 22nd – At the fire station, the airboat is being readied for ice rescues. In the evening, there’s a trivia contest at Topsy Turvey’s. Theresa Finney’s team with the X-rated name wins. The EMS experiences a phone outage. At the library, the leather workshop key fob, coasters and change purse projects turn out great!

Wed., Jan. 23rd – There’s a cold wintery rain all day.

Thurs., Jan. 24th – The Village of Put-in-Bay Safety Committee meets to discuss the current Put-in-Bay Taxi ordinance and the possible setting of a route for the rolling pub. Stay tuned to the Diary January 2019 for more information.

Fri., Jan. 25th – Jessie’s Jewelry hosts an “Open Studio” with wine and snacks at her workshop/ studio on Sybil Blvd. Jessie Greene gives a welding demonstration and shows off some of her new jewelry designs for 2019. Seniors meet at Topsy Turvey’s for happy hour and a celebration of Don Steven’s 85th birthday.

Sat., Jan. 26th – Funeral services for Louie Heineman are held at Mother of Sorrows Church. A reception follows at the Put-in-Bay Town Hall. Sue Thwaite and Mike Catey cater to the reception. After the reception at the Town Hall, a group gathers in front of a warm fire in the fireplace at the Goat and remember the good times with Louie. There are ice shanties off the West Shore. The first photos of fisherman with their catches start showing up on social media and the Put-in-Bay Facebook Page

Sun., Jan. 27th – Sandy and Gary Hartzel renew their wedding vows at St. Paul’s Church. They celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary a few days before.

Mon., Jan. 28th – The start of the new week (which will see the coldest temperatures of the winter) sees a beautiful pink-tinged, high-cloud sunrise. There’s an interesting ice shove ice right up against the west side of the Lime Kiln Dock. The weather forecast isn’t good for the next few days. There are predictions for a windchill of -40 degrees. Let’s see what happens! The EMS announces it will be opening its doors to anyone who needs a warm place to stay. Griffing Flying Service posts that it will be very unlikely they will be flying on Wednesday, Jan. 30th, due to the severe cold. The Put-in-Bay Panthers basketball players enjoy their last team dinner of the season at Nagoya on Catawba in the evening.

Tues., Jan. 29th – With sub-zero temperatures approaching, announcements of closings start coming out. On the morrow, St. Paul’s
will have no morning prayer and “Conversations in faith, the bank will be closed, Euchre at the Reel Bar is canceled, the Senior Center is
closed for all activities, and the town hall offices are closed. The village’s fiscal officer and mayor’s court clerk will be working from home. As the storm begins and temperatures start to dip, Bob Bahney records a high wind speed at the tip of Peach Point of 47 miles per
hour a new record for the Diary January 2019

Wed., Jan. 30th – Rob Hard’s “Chili Weiner’s ice shanty on the ice on the West Shore is a casualty of the storm. There is no school due to weather conditions. The library is closed. The Senior Center is open as a warming station if needed. The low-temperature hits -7 a the lighthouse weather station. The motto for the day is “To appreciate an island winter it is necessary to stand out in the cold.”

Thurs., Jan. 31st – It starts to warm up! That’s the end of this months Diary January 2019