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Island Real Estate Market is Great Investment
by Jeff Koehler, Put-in-Bay Branch Manager for Jack Bradley Realty Co.

One of the wonderful advantages of purchasing Put-in-Bay island property is it lets you enjoy your investment with family and friends as it appreciates. That can't be said for stocks and bonds.

There's one thing 99% of property owners on the Lake Erie Islands and Put-in-Bay will agree on. It's the fact their island property has been a great investment. In thirty years of selling real estate on the islands, the Put-in-Bay properties have continued to grow in value well ahead of inflation and the stock market.

Put-in-Bay real estate falls into four categories: Put-in-Bay Lakefront, Put-in-Bay Lakeview, Inland and Commercial. Lakefront properties are those right on the lake. Lakeview properties have a lake view, but no property on the lake. Inland properties are those which are neither lakefront or lake view located on the interior of the island. Commercial properties are those which have income potential. Seasonal and year-round cottages and homes are available now, plus there are opportunities for rental property investment.

It's a good idea to speak with a Realtor who is knowledgeable about the in and outs of buying island real estate. There are pros and cons like any real estate investment, but discussing your needs with a Realtor specializing in the islands and Put-in-Bay can help you find the best property to meet your needs.

The best thing to do when looking for island properties is to contact a Realtor who specializes in Lake Erie Island properties. A Put-in-Bay resident and real estate agent with Jack Bradley Realty, I am celebrating 30 years of selling Lake Erie Island properties this season. I will gladly answer your questions, show you what's for sale, and just as importantly show you what has sold so you don't invest blindly. And if you want to know about those 1% of people who say it wasn't a good investment, I will tell you the simple mistakes they made and how to avoid them.

You can reach me, Put-in-Bay Island Agent Jeff Koehler, Branch Manager of Jack Bradley Realty, at (419) 285-5021 or contact me by email at


Random Fact: When the ferryboats stop running, there are several charter airlines that fly in and out of Put-in-Bay. There is also a hovercraft offering ferry service across the ice to the mainland.