Put-in-Bay Port Authority

The Put-in-Bay Port Authority is a governmental body which oversees the operation and maintenance of the township’s three airports including the Put-in-Bay Airport and harbor mooring buoys. The Port Authority Board is appointed by your elected Township Trustees. Since the early 1990s, the Port Authority has worked to obtain federal and state funding for the construction and maintenance of these important township assets. Federal and state grants have provided millions of dollars of infrastructure improvements for our island community. These grants paid for 90 – 95% of the improvements, with local match covering the remainder.

Put-in-Bay Port Authority funding

Sources of funding include user fees, airport rent, special event revenues (such as the Bash On The Bay concert and Put-in-Bay road race), and the local property tax levy. It is important to note that the Port Authority has raised the user fees to include aircraft parking and aerial tour fees in 2018. The Board elected not to raise fees for the island charter companies as we know that this cost would only be passed on to those of you that require transportation to and from the islands. The Board is committed to minimizing the financial burden on the local community while providing the infrastructure required by our citizens.

The Board decided to place a 0.45 mill tax levy on the November ballot which marks the third levy reduction over the past 15 years. The combination of revenues from user fees special event proceeds, and levy funds ensure our community’s continued ability to take advantage
of federal and state dollars to support the township’s important transportation infrastructure. One recent example is the federal funding obtained for the new hangar at the Put-in-Bay Airport which, along with the hangars built with private funds, will provide additional revenues over time. With winter approaching, one of the more visible benefits of the partnership between the township and the Port Authority is the utilization of Port Authority funded snow removal equipment and the efforts of township employees keeping the airport
and roadways accessible during the winter season.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Port Authority’s business, please don’t hesitate to contact us at pibtportauthority@frontier.com or 419-285-3371. You are more than welcome to attend our monthly Board meetings which are open to the public. The Port Authority Board meeting schedule is posted at the Post Office and the Township Building.