Your personal slice of Put-in-Bay heaven


The Put-in-Bay Condos is located right behind the old Skyway Restaurant and on the back corner of the airport. These condominiums are located right on Lake Erie. There is over 500 feet of lakefront providing spectacular views of the mainland and the outlying islands. Guests also can have a picnic, grill out, or play a game of volleyball on over 3 acres.

Amenities include a swimming pool right in front of beautiful lake Erie. Each unit has two bedrooms and two baths, and provide spacious accommodations for you and your guests. There is an abundance of space to relax and enjoy your vacation on Putinbay. So be sure to check out the offerings at the Put-in-Bay Condos for the reasonable vacation rentals. These units are ideal for the traveler on a budget.

Random Fact: The Lake Erie islands and shoreline provide precious habitat for the unique Lake Erie water snake. The eastern fox snake is common and harmless, but often mistaken for a rattlesnake because of its bold coloration and tendency to shake its tail when alarmed.