Picture of the beach at the Put-in-Bay State Park

Enjoy a day at the beach At Put-in-Bay In Lake Erie

 Enjoy The Put-in-Bay Beach

Nothing beats a beach on a hot summer afternoon. Put-in-Bay is a granite island and has several small beaches along its rocky shoreline, however, only two are open to the public. Although you won’t find sand at any of these beaches, you can still kick back and enjoy the island breeze.

One of the main beaches is located just at the end of Catawba Ave at the South Bass Island State Park. Not within walking distance, you may want to rent a golf cart to get there, Put-in-Bay Golf Carts will be happy to accommodate your needs. Known as the biggest beach on the island, this stone pebble beach has something for everyone. With Jet Ski and boat rentals on site, it also offers a playground area nearby for kids. South Bass Island State Park beach is a beautiful, scenic place for any get-together. There are public restrooms as well as picnic table and this is a perfect place to bring lunch from one of the Put-in-Bay Restaurants and enjoy a lunch or dinner at the beach.

Secondly, located at the end of Delaware Ave, there is a small secluded beach. While also being a pebble beach, this tranquil coast is just a quiet walk away from the famous Perry’s Monument. Conveniently located downtown, this small beach is equipped with many different activities nearby for every member of your family.

1523 Catawba Ave., Put-in-Bay, OH, 43456, USA

Random Fact: Golf Carts are treated as licensed motor vehicles on the Island. All traffic laws apply including open container laws as well as drinking and driving. Locations rent to licensed drivers over the age of 18. For those under 18 but holding a valid license, a parent or guardian may rent a golf cart for your use.