Picture of a Jet Skis & Waverunners at Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rentals

The Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rentals located at the South Bass Island State Park offers a variety of Jet Skis & Waverunners as well as other things to do with watersports. Fully equipped with kayaks, wave runners, dinghies, and power boats, Put in Bay Watercraft Rentals allows you to further explore the island and its waters.

  • Power Boats – If you love the water, but would like to skip the getting wet, then the power boats are for you. The Put in Bay Watercraft Rentals staff is happy to show you just how everything works for you to successfully enjoy your day.
    (12′) $60 per hr for up to 2 riders
  •  Jet Skis & Waverunners- Big brother to the Jet Skis, and just as powerful as the sportier Jet Skis, the Yamaha WaveRunners are much more comfortable. With lots of padding, you can bust through waves like the smaller ones can’t. For one or two riders.
    $60 per 1/2 hr for 1 rider, $65 per 1/2 hr for 2 riders
  • Dinghys – The dinghies here are just smaller boats with no engine.
    (12-14′) $30-50 per hr for up to 3 riders
  • Kayaks – Available in singles and doubles, Put in Bay Watercraft Rentals provides you with super stable sit-on-top ocean kayaks,so you can ride with a friend. Complete with storage compartments, the kayaks allow you to get up close to the shoreline of the bay, where boats cannot.
    $19 per hr single, $30 per hr double

Must be 18 w/ picture ID to drive or sign the watersports rental agreement! Taxes not included.

For reservations call 1-419-285-2628 or you may book online at Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rentals.

Picture of two people riding Jet Skis & Waverunners

The Jet Ski at The Bay is your only downtown jet ski rental option. As you get to know the island, you will discover that there are two ways in which you can ride a jet ski in Put in Bay; the first is to rent the equipment yourself and enjoy your own excursions, the second, bring your own. Clearly, option 1 is more practical, especially if you only want to have fun on the water for a couple hours or less.

Jet Ski at The Bay is located in downtown Put-in-Bay on the waterfront adjacent to Toledo Avenue. Jet skis rent by the half hour and can be reserved online. A coupon for 20 percent off the rental price is available on their website.

1 Person Jetski $55.00 per half hour $95 per full hour
2 Person Jetski $60.00 per half hour $100 per full hour

Rules & Regulations

  • There are certain areas where you can use the Jet Ski. These areas are marked by buoys and will be explained to you by our trained staff before you get in the water.
  • Speed is not a problem and you can go just as fast you would like.
  • You must be 18 years of age to drive a jet ski and it is required that you wear a life jacket.

To better your experience, Watercraft Rentals offers a unique Jet Ski tour that winds its way around the island and through the Bay itself. The tour will take about 45 minutes to arrive where you can enjoy the Boardwalk Restaurant before returning back to the marina on your jet ski. The price for an adult is $190.00 and children ride free. The tour usually lasts 2 1/2 hours. It is recommended that you call and make a reservation at least 2 days in advance.

For reservations call 419-285-7547 or you may book online at Jet Ski at The Bay.

The Kayak at the Bay is located on Bayview Avenue down from the Doller Mansion and offers single and double sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks for cruising the Lake Erie islands. Whether you choose to stay in the harbor or go on an adventure around the island, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. The Ohio State Fish Hatchery and Oak Point state park are located at the other end of the harbor and open to the public. Floats, water bikes, and ski tubes are also available for rent. Located one block from the Jet Express.

Kayak Rates
All rates are for UP to 2 hours

  • Single Kayak * – $20.00 ($10.00 3rd hr, $5.00 4th hr)
  • Double Kayak * – $40.00 ($10.00 3rd hr, $10.00 4th hr)
  • WATER BIKE * – $30.00
  • Tubes – ($25.00 deposit) $10.00/half day
  • Ski tubes – ($45.00 deposit) $25.00/half day

Rules & Regulations

  • Children 16 and under need to be accompanied by an adult (kayaking with them or a group)
  • 18 and under need a guardian to sign release form
  • Group rates for 10 or more ‘yakkers — 10.00 per person per hour (this is the only time we offer kayaks by the hour)
  • Renters are responsible for damage to kayaks and equipment
  • We open at 10 a.m. and close at dark seven days a week, June (Memorial Day) through October (weather permitting).
  • * Must be 18 or older—requires deposit

For reservations call 1-419-967-0796 or you may book online at Kayak at the Bay.

Photos of Kayaks at Put-in-Bay

The Put-in-Bay Parasail is located one block from the Jet Express. We believe parasailing is a great way to see Put in Bay. The parasailing headquarters is conveniently located by the Boardwalk on the docks. Enjoy the windy breeze as you tour the island’s beautiful terrace. By sailing from a 600-foot towline, taking off and landing on boats with flight decks allows you to remain dry. Or on a hot day, you have the option of getting wet in the Lake Erie Island waters if you choose. Parasailing is safe and fun for ages 3 and up, and no experience or athletic ability is necessary.

Rules & Regulations

  • Discounts for groups of 5 or more flyers and early birds
  • Gift Certificates available
  • You stay dry by taking off and landing on boats with flight decks!
  • Stay fully clothed or wear swimsuits
  • 600 ft. towline for the most spectacular views
  • US Coast Guard Licensed captains
  • “I Did It” action photos and T-shirts available
  • Observers allowed (space permitting)

For reservations call 1-419-285-3703 or you may book online at Put-in-Bay Parasail.