Picture of the Mopeds at Put-in-Bay Ohio

Mopeds are an economical and faster way around Put-in-Bay

Mopeds are a fun way to see Put-in-Bay

At Island Mopeds Rentals, mopeds are a fun and exciting way to see Put-in-Bay island at your own pace. With a top speed of approximately 25 mph, mopeds are a great way to slow down and really appreciate the sights and Put-in-Bay attractions on the island.

Explore Put-in-Bay to your heart’s content and view our spectacular scenery. Take a full island tour, approximately 4 miles in length by 2 miles in width, or just head off for a specific Put-in-Bay location, like Perry’s Monument. All our mopeds feature headlights, turn signals, front and rear brakes. Our friendly staff will show you the proper way to start and ride your Put in Bay moped if this is your first time. Our mopeds are safely designed for just a single rider only, no double riding. A complete moped tour of South Bass Island and the Village of Put-in-Bay will take approximately 2 hours non-stop (in other words, not stopping to look at anything!) Take your time, have fun, and see it all!

Rates for mopeds are listed below by size, time period, and weekday and weekend rates.


1 Person moped $15.00 per hour or $60 per day


1 Person moped $15.00 per hour or $60 per day

Mopeds sell out quickly on busy days, so we now offer an online Put in Bay moped rental reservation form. Get your visit date and credit card information then visit our online Put in Bay moped rental reservation form for rates and more information.

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Rules for Mopeds

  • Prices include a helmet (mopeds), training, gas, and island map.
  • Regular traffic rules and regulations apply to mopeds.
  • All moped rentals come filled with gas, so there is no need to be refilled with gas by the renter.
  • No overnight rentals on mopeds. All mopeds must be returned by our designated closing time.
  • No passengers are allowed to ride on the mopeds – they are designed and required by law to carry a single rider only.
  • Operator must have a valid drivers license with them at the time of rental and MUST be at least 18 years of age. Learners permits are NOT accepted.
  • All participants must sign a registration and release form.
  • Renters under the age of 18 years of age with a valid drivers license must be accompanied by a parent. Rental agreement must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Payment – We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover for the required damage/security deposit, and/or cash for rental payment.