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News January 2019

Put-in-Bay News January 2019 Open Studio Event- Friday, January 25th On Friday, January 25th, from 5 to 7 p.m., Jessie Greene from Jessie’s Jewelry, a popular Put-in-Bay Shopping Venue will [...]

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Diary November 2018

Put-in-Bay Diary November 2018 Thurs,. Nov 1st - There’s an ATV/Quad party at the Bird’s Nest for those who are anxious to get back on island roads with their favorite [...]

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News December 2018

Put-in-Bay News December 2018 Coopers Woods Update - Almost There! In May of this year, a Letter of Intent was signed by a majority of the three DeRivera Park Trustees [...]

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Shipwreck could be oldest found in Lake Erie Shipwreck hunters believe a discovery made off Kelleys Island in 2015 may be the Lake Serpent, a ship which went down in [...]

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Boating Safety

Put-in-Bay Boating Safety More Put-in-Bay Boating Tragedy- Nearly every month over this boating season there has been a tragedy or near tragedy on Lake Erie. Sadly, each of them could [...]

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Put-in-Bay Port Authority

Put-in-Bay Port Authority The Put-in-Bay Port Authority is a governmental body which oversees the operation and maintenance of the township’s three airports including the Put-in-Bay Airport and harbor mooring buoys. [...]

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Diary September 2018

Put-in-Bay Diary September 2018 Sat., Sept 1st - Put-in-Bay Yacht Club Members had the opportunity to participate in shaping club leadership with their votes at the Annual Membership Meeting. Reports [...]

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News September 2018

Put-in-Bay News September 2018 Goat Polka Band In news September 2018 you thought it was fun at the Goat Biergarten on Saturday, August 11th, when the 20-piece Deutscher Musik Verein [...]

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