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Halloween 2023 At Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay, Ohio, plays host to Ohio’s largest island Halloween party. Join over 2000 people dressing up in costumes with many Put-in-Bay Bars hosting costume contests that have great cash prizes! Island Bars are hopping with unique costumes and contests! A must-stop is Mr. Eds Bar & Grill, where live entertainment and the costume contest are a must-see!

Halloween Your Last Chance For Put-in-Bay Fun in 2023

 Hopefully, by this time of year, you’ve made it to Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island at least once this year. Well, if you haven’t, you’re running out of time. It’s time to head to the island, but you had better grasp your favored costume! 

Head on up to Put-in-Bay for the Halloween Boo Bash At The Bay, one of the final events on the Put-in-Bay event schedule! Expect frosty cold adult beverages, over 2,000 revelers in costume, and some great live entertainment! Make sure you take advantage of booking your stay now. Be careful because once the event gets closer, Put-in-Bay Hotels fill up very quickly! You don’t want to be left out! There’s nowhere better than Put-in-Bay, Ohio, to spend Halloween.

Halloween Boo Bash at Put-in-Bay

Halloween weekend is a giant party weekend for adults all over the nation. Yet, at Put-in-Bay, it has some additional significance. It’s the final big-time party event before Put-in-Bay closes up shop for the 2023 season and changes from a Midwest holiday getaway into a small island neighborhood. 

If you arrive for the Put-in-Bay Boo Bash at the Bay, you’ll get the island going all out. The central hub for Halloween at Put-in-Bay is, as it frequently is, with big events at the Bay, Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grille, and the Beer Barrel Saloon. Mr. Ed’s will be hosting weekend events, including cash prizes for the best costumes!

The entire downtown area joins in the party, with most of the Put-in-Bay Bars hosting their own unique events. We’re sure that you’ll find the perfect fit for your group. Once you’ve located it, we do advise that you reserve, as there’s no shortage of revelers hoping to work in one more Put-in-Bay festive weekend for the year!

This weekend is the last big weekend before we close up shop for our vacation into 2024, so book your Put-in-Bay Hotel or Resort early or call the central reservation center at 888-742-7829