Skydiving Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay is known for its wide variety of activities and attractions and now Skydiving is the newest adventure for adrenalin junkies!

May was an exciting month for several thrillseeking and brave Put-in-Bay Islanders. They were the first to take to the sky with pilot Dustin Shaffer, owner of Island Air Service, and then tandem parachute jump to the lawn just south of the Put-in-Bay Airport terminal. The first skydiver was Andy Shuttleworth, a bartender at the Round House.

A group of onlookers watched from the ground as a speck came out of the sky. The descent seemed surprisingly slow, but the final secondsPhoto of First Female Skydiving At Put-in-Bay coming down seemed to speed up just before touching the ground. The next person to take to the air was Aaron “Vern” Schroeder the owner of East Point Construction here on the island. And then history was made when Madeline Pugh (Put-In-Bay High SchoolClass of 2014) took to the sky and made the first female tandem jump. Madeline must have been saving her money from her ongoing yard sale to pay for the excitement.

The cost to make a tandem jump from 10,000 feet above the island is $300 with hand cam video included at this time. Chief Tandem Instructor, JR Piosek, has 20+ years experience and over 19,000 jumps. Pilot Dustin Shaffer has 20+ years experience flying aircraft and has been flying these islands for eight years. He operates Island Air Taxi, an island based air service providing winter flights and is the lifeline airline to the island in the winter, air charters to larger cities, and scenic tours in the summer. Call Skydiving Put-in-Bay at (419) 573-2960 to book an experience you won’t forget in this lifetime!!! Brochures and additional information is available at the front desk of most Put-in-Bay Hotels