IV Joint is the newest of Put-in-Bay Attractions!

The newest of Put-in-Bay Attractions is the IV Joint, providing IV infusion therapy out of a state of the art bus. Drinking, sunshine, and boating are no strangers to the island of Put-in-Bay but they come with a price, dehydration. IV Joint has unique vitamin and mineral cocktail mixtures to increase hydration, energy, focus, improve hangovers, recovery, sports performance, and boost your immune system. IV Joint isn’t just hydration through IV’s, we offer services fit for everyone, such as B-12 shots or oral energy and vitamin supplement drinks.

Vitamins and nutrients are an extremely important factor in everyone’s daily intake. Roughly only 30% of vitamins that are taken orally are actually absorbed into the body. IV Joint is maximizing the absorption of the vitamins and nutrients you need via intravenous and intramuscular shots. Our highly accredited Medical Director and Owner, Dr. Jonathan Phillips, MD CAQSM oversees every service at IV Joint. Dr. Phillips is a sports medicine specialist and has been practicing for 7 years. He graduated from Medical University Of The Americas in 2007 and specializes in sports medicine. Dr. Phillips has treated many professional athletes around the country. As former team physician of the Tampa Bay Storm and Tampa Bay Lightning, he’s encountered just about every kind of condition the fast-paced, physical arena sports can produce.

An expert in Orthobiologics, Dr. Phillips has received special training with musculoskeletal ultrasound, platelet rich plasma injections, stem cells, hyaluronic acid injections, interventional spine procedures, and concussion management along with fracture care and management. Dr. Phillips believes that it is fundamentally important to view the big picture when diagnosing patients. Every patient is unique and every situation has a range of variables that need to be taken into account. Dehydration decreases the overall performance of an athlete, which is why they rely heavily on the treatment and prevention of dehydration through IV therapy. Dr. Phillips throughout his career has been
very successful with a combination of different vitamins and minerals, creating the unique IV Joint cocktails.

All IV Joint services are performed on the bus in a controlled environment administered only by Registered Nurses at all times. We aim to
be at the highest level of compliance with health rules and regulations to ensure customer safety and comfort. Our bus is built out with bench seating and comfortable lounge chairs inside and outside creating a unique and special experience. Having a bus as our facility allows us to be mobile and move to locations where our services are needed. Most commonly you can find us outside of Muscle Bay Fitness or Downtown a block from the Put-in-Bay Resort along with a couple of other locations. Make sure to check out our Website WWW.IVJOINT. COM and download our APP to find our current location, stay up to date with our current specials, and reserve your spot!

You Can always call or text 855-IV-JOINT (855-485-6468) with any questions, to book or to find us. We offer free pickups around the
island and specials for group bookings, a great option for bachelorette and bachelor parties after a night out at the Put-in-Bay Bars! Make sure to experience IV Joint during your visit to the Bay and leave feeling refreshed, healthy and most importantly, HYDRATED!