Perry’s Victory & International Peace Monument Reopens Following Repairs

The famous monument on Put-in-Bay undergoes an extensive $2.4 million restoration project to repair its exterior.

What is clearly one of Put-in-Bay’s most impressive attractions, Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial Monument reopens after being closed since last summer. The monument holds the title of being the world’s largest Doric-style column.

Perry’s Monument is exceeded in height only by the Washington Monument and St. Luis Gateway Arch. At 352 feet, Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial is one of the tallest monuments in the country. Given the Monument’s impressive scale it is no surprise that between 150,000 and 200,000 people visit every year.

This year visitors can expect a refurbished appearance when the monument reopens as every single mortar joint on the surface was repointed. According to Barbara Fearon, who is the superintendent for the monument, the timing of these repairs could not have been more crucial. Scientific testing and analysis of the monument’s silicon mortar showed that water was being deposited within the column. This deposition lead to a gradual erosion of the monument’s exterior.

Fearon went on to say that those general improvements were also made to the grounds surrounding the base of the monument. She remarked that these ground improvements were aimed to increase friendliness and accessibility when the Monument reopens.

Fearon conveyed her excitement for the project’s completion by maintaining that she was glad to see the finishing touches put on so that the memorial could open again. She then stated, “We’ve got a lot going on this year.”

The superintendent’s last remark was by no mean an overstatement. Beginning this past weekend the memorial, including the visitors center and observation deck, will be open to the public every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Also, on Monday the 28th of May, the monument will host a Memorial Day celebration starting at 11 a.m.

Next, on Saturday, June 9, the memorial will launch the 2nd annual Put-in-Bay Music Festival. Which will consist of an all-day family-friendly event that will include games, food and beverages, live entertainment and more.  The lineup includes School of Rock, Swingmania, Reese Dailey Band, Hillbilly Casino, Groovement, and Lowdown Brass Band. Additionally, Fearon stated that some of the activities planned are a Guitar Hero contest as well as different music workshops.

Referring to the values embodied by the monument’s construction, Fearon emphasized that “The music festival is really an effort of our mission to share the lessons of international peace and what is possible when nations once at war collaborate and cooperate.”

Then, on June 13, Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial will offer an exceptional sunset tour. During which, participants will be able to visit the observation deck staring at 7:30 p.m. Entrance to this event can be purchased for just $20 per person. Children’s tickets are half-priced at only $10 per child. For a small fee, the whole family can enjoy what some regard as a defining characteristic of summertime on Lake Erie. The hues and rays created by the sunset over a calm reflective lake easily rival a California sunset any day. One can expect the height of the monument’s observation deck to offer a great viewpoint.

Shortly after, Perry’s Memorial will be hosting its Youth Maritime Explorers Camp on Saturday, June 16. This is a free event that will provide kids with the opportunity to learn about how science and the environment affected maritime history. The event will include visits to the U.S. Brig Niagara which is a historically accurate replica of Commodore Perry’s flagship during the war of 1812. Yet another day of educational and family fun activities.

One Hundred years have passed since the ending of World War I in 1918. As a result, Fearon stated that they would implement this into their annual Historical Weekend celebration. This celebration will take place September 7-9 and will largely focus on the 205th Commemoration of the battle of Lake Erie.

Continuing into the season, the hours for the visitor’s center and the observation deck switch to 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily September 10-30. Then in October, the days of operation are reduced to Friday through Mondays.

For more information regarding Put-in-Bay events visit the Ohio-Put-in-Bay website or call the Put-in-Bay reservation center at 1 (888) 742-7829