Put-in-Bay Grocery Bills Fall

Everyone we know on the island seems to like food. We have the Island General Store right here on the island to buy groceries, plus if one ventures off the island to a grocery, there always seems to be a load of shopping bags in the backseat when returning to Put-in-Bay. Groceries aren’t cheap, so when our Put-in-Bay grocery bill for last month was added up, we found it had dropped tremendously. We asked around, and everyone we talked to confirmed their grocery bills had taken a steep slide, too.

Being inquisitive, we naturally sent out feelers to see why this was. Wow! We found out quickly, and the results of what we found out we are sure will not surprise you. There are just too many parties and social events on South Bass and the other islands. And, of course, with parties
and events come food and drink. We started thinking….Food and drink at the Put-in-Bay Wine Festival at the Put-in-Bay Winery the first weekend of the month  Chef F from Frosty’s, Pauline from the Bakery and Mike Catey from the Keys were among those offering food as we sipped creations from the latest vintages.  Also, that weekend was The Put-in-Bay Fall Ball at the Put-in-Bay Resort & Conference Center, Those attending were given a chance to win a free Put-in-Bay Spring Fling Weekend.
After the Wine Festival Weekend, there was a great potluck lunch at the Senior Center the day they were pressing apples to make apple cider.

The benefit for Katrina Spatafore was another foodfest and a great evening of fun. What a great job the Forge did serving a delicious spread. That was followed by food and drink at the Oktoberfest the second weekend of the month. All the good ethnic food tasted even better with a beer or two, or three. If you attended the Chamber of Commerce’s Reverse Raffle, you had a great spread brought in by Kevin Dailey’s cooks at the Boathouse. Some islanders attended weddings and rehearsal dinners in October, where the food was plentiful, to say nothing about the drink. Mind you, this was pretty much gratis! The Oktgoaterfest at the Goat had food aplenty, too…. and again washed down with beer. Tipper’s Put-in-Bay Halloween party topped off the month with a free buffet. Tipper’s treats, plus the other candy island kids garnered that night going house to house on the island are certainly enough to keep the Put-in-Bay kids on a sugar buzz until Thanksgiving! We can guarantee this wasn’t everything that saved us on our grocery bill in October, but we have run out of room for any more.